GeForce Now adds touch interface for Fortnite on mobile devices

A couple of weeks ago, Fortnite arrived on Xbox Game Pass with touch controls for the cloud-based streaming version of the game, allowing for full mobile play on unsupported devices such as the iPhone. Now GeForce Now is also adding a touch interface for Fortnite, so you can play the game on any device without a subscription. 

The touch control system has been in beta testing for some time, but as of today, this feature is available to all existing and new members of GeForce Now. In addition, five more games have been added to the library today.

The full list of games coming to GeForce Now this week includes:

With this week’s update, 23 of the 27 new GeForce Now games planned for this month are available. The remaining four games will be revealed next week, and then all eyes will turn to June, a month filled with new game announcements.

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