Where to find Divine Rhinos in Monster Hunter Rise

There are a total of five Glowing Rhino gathering spots in Monster Hunter Rise, all of which are located in the Flooded Forest. Players will need to collect Divine Rhinos in these locations for the Shining Rhino quest, and they can only do so at a high level. There are four areas where players can pick up items without too much trouble, however, one of them requires a barrel bomb. Divine Rhinos can be found here in Monster Hunter Rise.

All Shining Rhino going to MHR

Glitter Rhino Gathering Points will be marked on the map with blue question marks and can be found on the Flooded Forest map. There are five craftable areas in total, each respawning after about five minutes. Players will need to congregate in these areas to get any Divine Rhinos often found on mountain tops, which players will need to use Wirebug to get to.

The Shining Rhinos gathering point between the second and third zones can only be reached by using a barrel bomb to blow up the rubble.

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How to climb walls with Wirebug

Players can climb walls by launching themselves with Wirebug, no matter how many Wirebug they have. This causes players to automatically climb the wall, spending stamina and running up. If players lose stamina, they are knocked down. If this happens and the player still has the Wirebug, they can start themselves up again to run up again using the stamina they recovered from the backflip.

Getting more Wirebugs can be helpful in getting as many jumps as possible. Consuming a well-done Steak, Ration, or Dash Juice will increase the player’s maximum stamina so they can climb walls longer.

Controls for pushing yourself off the wall:

  • Switch – ZL will go into aiming mode and ZR will use Wirebug to launch the player.
  • PC – middle mouse button/click will go into aim mode and the fourth mouse button will use Wirebug to launch the player.
  • Playstation 4/5 – Using a PS4/PS5 controller on Steam, L2 will go into aiming mode and R2 will use Wirebug to launch the player.
  • Xbox One/Series X/S – Using the Xbox controller on Steam, LT will go into aim mode and RT will use Wirebug to launch the player.

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