New games for Xbox One – reviews, announcements

The Xbox One console belongs to the eighth generation of consoles and is the successor to the Xbox 360. In this section we present a lot of news about new games that have been released or are just heading for the next generation from Microsoft, thus publishing the expected game announcements.

We do not ignore the great titles that you are looking forward to, interweaving everything with the most interesting new games from independent producers. Xbox One news is also a lot of interesting facts about the console itself. We often publish graphics comparisons, we do not forget about promotions for new games on Xbox One and the monthly Games with Gold offer, which you probably also want to know. Our editors, as enthusiasts of various forms of console entertainment, review Xbox One games of various genres, including sports, racing, shooters, action games, strategies, and RPGs.

What else can you find out?

Our Xbox One News section also includes topics related to system updates for this console. We regularly report for you the premieres of new versions of the console, because Microsoft is very diligent in this respect and very often surprises XOne users with new features added to their hardware. What will the new firmware bring when we get it and is it worth the wait? You will find out about everything by checking our news and announcements. Every day we try to post a few fresh news about this console in the Xbox One News section.
If you are an Xbox owner and want to be up to date with the information coming from the manufacturer, plan to buy a new generation console, but you don’t know which one to decide on or you are simply interested in this topic, please visit the News section.