Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X is equipment that got into the hands of players in 2020 and caused quite a lot of emotions. As a gaming portal, we devoted a lot of attention to it, which resulted in this section. You’ll find insightful and extensive articles, in-depth reviews, and news announcements – all of the information we’ve provided about Xbox Series X and games is from official and verified sources.

The Xbox Series X console is high-performance hardware that can cope with the upcoming, demanding novelties as well as withstand older games that are still being improved. Our editors in this section will look at both the pros and cons of the Xbox Series X, and share their experience of use – this information will certainly be useful to people who are considering buying this console.

The price of the Xbox Series X console, as well as the games, is not low – there is no doubt about that. Familiarize yourself with the content presented by us in this category and see if the planned purchase actually turns out to be a bull’s eye. Our editors touch on many spheres in their reviews (both technical and general), thanks to which you will get a broad picture of what to expect – it will certainly help you make the right decision.

Xbox Series X – all about games

Xbox Series X games are one of the reasons why this console is worth buying – in this section you will find extensive and detailed articles about them, you will learn about upcoming announcements and trailers, as well as read numerous reviews. Especially for you, our editors also catch all the news, as well as rumors about publishers and game producers.

In this section, you will find a lot of interesting information about the Xbox Series X console and the games that are made for it. However, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with other categories, including those dedicated to PS5. PlanetPlayer is a portal that will provide you with a wide variety of content. What kind? Find out for yourself by visiting the various subcategories.