New games for PS4 – reviews, announcements

The latest PlayStation 4 console produced by Sony introduces a whole new quality of console gaming and requires a separate department that is entirely responsible for PS4 games.

What’s New on PS4 is a section where players will find the latest information about next-gen consoles. We focus primarily on the biggest titles, but this does not mean that we completely skip indie and indie games. If there’s something important going on with the PS4, you can always read about it in our What’s New on PS4. We publish news, announcements of new productions, and leaks from the world of games on an ongoing basis.

Of course, this section is not limited to game announcements and posting new trailers. In addition to the mass of videos, you will find in the graphics comparisons, rumors, and a lot of curiosities from the world of PlayStation 4. We also pay a lot of attention to everything related to the PlayStation Plus offer.

If there are premieres, promotion of PS4 games, there are any problems with PSN, patches for interesting titles are approaching, our authors will certainly not skip it! The PS4 News section will also include the PlayStation 4 update topic. Wondering what new features and options will be introduced to your console? Visit this section and stay up to date with the news.

We also encourage people planning to buy a new console to read. The information on the website is helpful in deciding which platform to choose depending on the user’s needs.