New games for PS3 – reviews, announcements

The PlayStation 3 console from Sony is very popular in our country. In the what’s new for PlayStation 3, we bring you the latest information on games for this platform.

Game premieres and announcements of upcoming releases website regularly publishes the most important information about hardware, updates, and requirements that must be met by the console in order for the premiere PS3 games to work properly and give the user maximum pleasure.

In the News section, entries about various game genres appear regularly. On, we describe FPS shooters, racing games, strategy games, sports games, RPG games, simulations, and any other new PS3 games. The authors of the portal not only limit themselves to popular series of PlayStation games, such as Grand Theft Auto, God of War, Battlefield, Call of Duty but also deal with niche games that do not always hit the Polish market.

If you are a PlayStation 3 user or plan to buy one, our portal is designed just for you. Thanks to the information on the website, you will find out everything there is to know before purchasing a PS3 game. We will help you make the best decision.