Fortnite players weigh in on who should own the game if Epic Games decides to sell their cash cow

Fortnite players weigh in on who should own the game if Epic Games decides to sell their cash cow

Fortnite’s Reddit forum, FortNiteBR, is a ‘happening place’ on social media. Players get together to discuss various aspects of the game and weigh in on their opinions about certain ongoing situations, events, cosmetics, mechanics, and more.

The latest on these ‘weigh-ins’ just so happens to revolve around who would, or should, own the game if Epic Games ever decides to sell it. While the notion that the game will ever change hands is rather silly, the discussion on Reddit about the same is amusing.

The billion-dollar battle royale that is Fortnite

FortNiteBR sees some of the weirdest discussions taking place on the forums about the game. The latest of these was a post by u/hotdogonthebbq, who happened to ask a crucial hypothetical question: Who should own Fortnite if this day ever comes?

The choices of companies ranging from Disney to Sony, all the way up to Valve Corporation and Sega. The user added other brands/franchises to the long list of names to keep things entertaining.

One of the most interesting discussions on Reddit (Image via Reddit)
One of the most interesting discussions on Reddit (Image via Reddit)

These include businesses such as Walmart, McDonald’s, Lego, SpaceX, and even Panda Express. Absurd as it may seem, it makes sense since the question is hypothetical. Anyone who’s anyone ‘could’ potentially buy the game.

Although the moderators removed the post, citing numerous reasons, the question does spark interest in everyone. Who would and should own the game if Epic decides to sell it? The answers vary, and some are more hilarious than they should be. Here’s what a few users had to say:

Jokes and theoretical answers aside, many agree that big-tech companies like Microsoft and Apple are the best options. Since technology is at the core of their business, owning the game would be highly logical.

That said, given the current ongoing scenario with Epic Games and Apple, Microsoft would be the only real option to take. Even then, it would determine whether Microsoft even wanted to buy the game in the first place.

With their hands tied up with the ‘Microsoft-Activision deal,’ there’s already enough to worry about. But theoretical statements and questions aside, would Epic Games sell their battle royale game?

Midas’ Golden Touch has blessed Fortnite.

Sweeney says Epic employs 3200 people, has offices around the world and (this might be new info?) made $5.1bn in gross revenue in 2020.

Will Epic Games ever sell their beloved battle royale game? Absolutely not. Based on past financial gains, it’s safe to say there’s no need to sell. It’s estimated that Fortnite has generated roughly $20-25 billion since the servers went live in 2017.

While this may seem like an inflated figure, Tim Sweeney stated that Epic Games generated $5.1 billion in gross revenue in 2020. Of course, revenue is not solely generated by the game, but given that it made roughly $5.4 billion and $3.7 billion in 2018 and 2019, it can be assumed that Fortnite earned a large portion of it.

That said, it’s safe to assume and, to a large extent, optimistically confirm that the battle royale will stay in Epic Games’ possession. While the road ahead may get rocky from time to time, there’s nothing that the company will not be able to overcome along the way.

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