Fortnite leaks indicate that First Person Mode could release in Chapter 5

Fortnite leaks indicate that First Person Mode could release in Chapter 5

Fortnite enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for exciting changes, updates, and additions. While Chapter 4 Season 5 has reintegrated the Chapter 1 map and allowed players to bask in nostalgia, it seems the upcoming Chapter 5 may have something even more thrilling as leaks within the community have sparked speculation of a first-person mode.

Prominent Fortnite leaker @Egyptian_Leaker recently pointed out a peculiar issue that affects aiming in particular. The problem has surfaced across all rarities of the Cobra DMR and the Red-Eye Assault Rifle, causing a glitch that resembles a bugged-out scope on both weapons. While such issues are not uncommon and often addressed in routine updates, this specific bug has piqued the community’s curiosity.

Its widespread nature, coupled with the effects on similar weapons, has led many to speculate that something bigger may be at play. Could this be a hint that Epic Games is actively working on implementing a first-person mode for Fortnite?

New glitch potentially hints at first-person mode coming to Fortnite

While isolated issues with aiming could be ignored as minor bugs, the collective trouble with two distinct weapons renowned for having first-person aiming capabilities and scopes is raising eyebrows. The game’s responsiveness and precision are essential elements of its mechanics.

First-person mode is a prevalent topic in the community and has been dreamed about since Chapter 1. While the game has enjoyed massive success with its third-person perspective, an additional option for first-person or having a first-person exclusive mode could introduce a new layer of gameplay and strategy.

The recent aiming problems with the Red-Eye Assault Rifle and the Cobra DMR may be seen as a hint from the developers. It’s entirely possible these issues may be connected to a first-person mode being developed behind the scenes at Epic Games. After all, such a major shift would require changes and adjustments to aiming, weapon mechanics, and overall gameplay.

Is the first-person mode confirmed for Fortnite?

While the Fortnite community eagerly awaits more information about the potential first-person mode, it’s important to note that leaks are not definitive factors indicating upcoming changes. Epic Games is known for its innovative and creative approach to each new season, and developers continuously strive to surprise players with fresh content.

Chapter 5 could bring a variety of changes, and while the first-person mode may be on the horizon, it is certainly not guaranteed.

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