Forspoken: Lost Lullabies Walkthrough

Forspoken: Lost Lullabies Walkthrough

After you’ve defeated Forspoken’s final boss, completed the main campaign, and rolled credits, you’ll be able to continue your adventures in Athia. You can use this time to mop up any collectibles you missed and Detours you skipped. The first and most important thing you should do, though, is play through the Lost Lullabies Detour.

While most Detours are fairly forgettable, offering minor upgrade materials at best, Lost Lullabies provides an important piece to the story, adding a lovely capstone to the emotional journey Frey has been on.

How To Begin Lost Lullabies

forspoken cipal map where to start lost lullabies

To start Lost Lullabies, you’ll need to seek out Johedy, the archivist. Rather than her usual spot in the archives, tending to books in between the bookshelves, she can be found standing halfway up the steps leading to the archives.

She will say she found some more information about Frey’s mother, Cinta, and to meet her at the archives. This will begin the Detour.

Speak With Johedy In The Archives

Forspoken Frey speaking with Johedy the archivist

Head back up the steps and into the archives to continue the conversation.

She found a journal detailing the fall of Junoon and specifically mentioned Tanta Cinta being pregnant — a fact few were aware of. The journal belonged to Councilman Jennesh. If you don’t remember Jennesh, he was the one calling you a demon for most of the game, tried to stab you in front of everyone, and was surreptitiously stripped of his rank and locked up.

You’ll then need to seek out Jennesh for some answers.

Speak With Jennesh In The Tower Of Binnoi

forspoken frey heading to the tower of binnoi

Head to the Tower of Binnoi — where you were briefly locked up early in the game — to speak with him.

Despite having saved the city (and the world of Athia) Jennesh is still pretty cold toward you. At this point, Jennesh reveals quite a bit.

  • He knew all along that Frey was Tanta Cinta’s child.
  • He felt that once pregnant, Cinta loved her people less and stopped prioritizing them, becoming a failure of a Tanta. Because of this, he feels Cinta abandoned Junoon to ensure Frey’s safety.
  • He did not know Frey’s father, but Robian might have.

He closes out the conversation by giving Frey a small key.

Return To Junoon Castle

Forspoken junoon castle map

With no explanation of what the key might unlock, Frey and Cuff decide to head back to Junoon. The Grove Gate — the entry through which you first visited Cipal — is now unlocked.

Head out the Grove Gate and make your way toward the quest marker, located at Junoon Castle. This is where you arrived when first being transported to Athia.

forspoken frey battling nightmares in a breakstorm

Upon nearing Junoon Castle, a Breakstorm will whip up, and after entering the main gates, you will encounter several waves of Nightmare enemies waiting you. Eliminate these enemies, and the Breakstorm will abate.

Enter The Castle & Follow The Path

forspoken frey approaching junoon castle portrait

After the battle is finished and the Breakstorm ends, head inside the castle. Upon entering the destination, you’ll be greeted with a vision of Tanta Cinta. Follow this phantom through some familiar passageways through Junoon Castle until you reach a ruined room with a chandelier and a picture frame at the far end. Approach the picture frame and interact with it to reveal a recess behind it, which contains a book and a small lockbox.

forspoken frey holding music box in junoon castle

It turns out to be a music box with a heartfelt inscription for Frey.

Frey then experiences a kind of vision/interaction with the spirit of her mother, Tanta Cinta, wherein she professes her love for her daughter, how much she wishes they could have shared their lives together.

Bolstered by this final revelation of love, Frey is more determined to keep Athia safe in her memory.

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