Forspoken: Chapter 4 – Where To Find Auden & Robian In Cipal

Forspoken: Chapter 4 – Where To Find Auden & Robian In Cipal

The Cipal main objective of Chapter 4 features Auden’s father, Robian, taking off. You’ll need to track down Robian in the city in order to have both Robian and Auden return to Auden’s home. At the opening of Chapter 4, Auden will tell Frey that she can research the Tantas at the archives.

Auden will run herself to find and take care of her father, Robian. If you don’t complete this main objective with Auden and Robian first, Auden will be nowhere to be found inside the city. Once you complete Robian’s search in the main objective, you can find Auden at her house.

Find Robian In The Harkiska Grove

forspoken robian, frey, and auden at the blue tree

You can track down Robian by running to the western part of the city of Cipal, called Harkiska Grove. Approach the tree, and you will see a cutscene with Robian trying to extract sap from the tree, before Auden comes to try and calm him.

After the scene finishes, Frey will be allowed to go back to her objective of researching Cipal’s archives for information about the Tantas.

Detour: Robian’s Treasured Memories

forspoken Robians treasured memories guard

Before you leave Cipal to defeat Tanta Sila, stop back at Auden’s room to find Robian. Start this Detour to help Robian some more, and you can get access to some more dialogue with Auden.

Robian seems to have lost a precious item while he was out about the town. To start your search for him, go back to where you first found Robian earlier, at Harkiska Grove. Talk to the guard there, and he will direct you to Robian’s whereabouts coming from the upper city area.

The quest marker will indicate you go to the upper city. There will be three people to talk to, starting with a woman at the bottom of the stairs. She will just give you an animal bone, which is not what Robian is missing.

Next, head to the lower city to talk to a young boy with a quest marker on him as well. Frey will take a Medical Textbook, which she assumes is what Robian is missing.

Once you head back to Auden’s room and talk to Robian, the Detour will be complete.

Auden’s Home-Cooked Meal

Frey and Auden look down in disappointment at Auden's cooking in Forspoken

Now that you have completed Robian’s Detour, you will be able to get some alone time with Auden again. A new Event you can witness with Auden is available once you talk to her inside her home. She will ask Frey how she can thank her for not only bringing her back some of her father’s journals, but for bringing back her actual father back safely too. Frey responds by asking Auden for a home-cooked meal.

The home-cooked meal does not turn out so well. “Everything on the table is burned to a crisp,”and you are given the following three different dialogue options as Frey to respond with to Auden.

  • “Well, you went to all the trouble. Here goes nothing…
  • I…don’t think I can eat that…”
  • Looks delicious! Chow time!”

After your dialogue choice plays out in Frey’s own words, she will suggest to Auden that they both just grab a drink next time.

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