Physical version of Grand Theft Auto Trilogy only allows updates on Xbox

Were you excited to take vintage GTA games and try them out just to get a taste of the old days?

Well, if that’s the case, then you might want to hear it, especially if you’re a PlayStation player. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is mostly available as a physical version, but PS5 gamers won’t be happy with that.

If you too were hoping to experience these remasters on your new PS5, the PS4 update will not be possible as there is currently no update available.

No Free GTA Trilogy Update For PlayStation 5 Gamers

The long-awaited remaster of GTA Trilogy was released last month for consoles and PC, allowing us to get rid of some of the classics we played years ago.

All three games have been redesigned with visual and gameplay improvements for the current generation platforms. 

Each of these popular games actually has higher resolution textures, longer draw distances, updated lighting, weather effects, and redesigned controls.

Now, however, disaffected fans have taken to social media to express their thoughts on all the bugs, glitches and the fact that PlayStation players are left behind.

This controversial Definitive Edition is mostly seen as a new minimum for Rockstar Games, as recent decisions have led players to believe that the developers don’t really care too much about these games.

When the project was announced a while ago, everyone was really excited about the opportunity to cruise Vice City or Liberty City in a modern high definition environment.

All of this turned into a nightmare for many after they discovered that these remasters are sometimes even worse than the original games of the past.

It remains to be seen how Rockstar plans to sweeten the bank because at the moment fans are furious and many are clamoring for their money back.

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