Find out what are the 3 alternatives to Google Photos

Find out what are the 3 alternatives to Google Photos

Several services offer to store your pictures online. The most popular of them is certainly Google Photos. However, there are several alternatives that can potentially meet your needs better.

While they are equipped with increasingly powerful photo sensors and algorithmic processing, smartphones are gradually replacing compact cameras. Until now Google Photos has been widely popular by offering to store photos for free and unlimited. However, the Californian firm recently changed its policy. No more free, the company is promoting its Google One subscription and now offers a free storage space of 15 GB shared between photos, email and documents. 

Amazon Photos, the best alternative

Amazon Photos © Amazon 

The service photo storage offered by Amazon is not free. However, it is included in the Amazon Prime offer. As a reminder, this subscription at 49 euros per year offers priority deliveries on the e-merchant’s platform, access to Prime Video as well as Amazon Prime Music (a light version of Amazon Music) and Prime Reading (a light version of Kindle Unlimited).

Amazon Photos offers unlimited storage for photos and 10 GB for videos with apps available for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. These will automatically synchronize your media. Of course, a web app is also available.

In addition to the ability to create traditional albums, Amazon provides its service with algorithms capable of identifying objects or performing facial recognition to sort photos by subject. Note also the automatic extraction of exif information to identify geographic locations.


OneDrive, for Microsoft tools enthusiasts

Microsoft OneDrive © Microsoft 

OneDrive is not strictly speaking a photo hosting service. On the other hand, this online storage space has a dedicated section within which it is possible to create albums and find an automatic classification of photos by geographical area.

For free, Microsoft only offers 5 GB of space. On the other hand, if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription to benefit from the applications of the Office office suite (from 69 € / year), you will immediately unlock 1 TB (1000 GB) of storage on OneDrive.

The advantage of OneDrive is its extensive integration into the Windows system. The service is available on iOS and Android with automatic synchronization. The editor also offers an application for macOS.


pCloud, secure backup

pCloud © pcloud 

For free, pCloud offers 10 GB of space. The company plays the security card with data encryption and the possibility of choosing a host located within the European Union. Rather than opting for monthly subscriptions, pCloud offers to unlock “lifetime” benefits. This translates into a relatively high initial – but one-time – cost. However, the company also offers annual subscriptions. Two plans of 500 GB and 2 TB are available.

On the photo part, the options of pCloud are relatively limited. It is simply possible to generate slideshows from the web interface. Paradoxically, pCloud stands out by offering a plugin for the Adobe Lightroom application. This allows you to easily export your processed images within the software. The service is also able to manage the creation of thumbnails for the RAW formats preferred by professionals.

pCloud is therefore presented more truly as a backup tool. The service offers its synchronization application on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. An extension for browsers Chromium and Firefox is also available.