Final Fantasy XIV guide – How to easily unlock the Loporrit Beast Tribe

Final Fantasy XIV guide – How to easily unlock the Loporrit Beast Tribe

The Loporrit Beast Tribe was unlocked in Final Fantasy XIV’s update 6.35. The adorable rabbits on the moon, designed after the Namingway tribe in FFIV, need the Warrior of Light’s help on a new endeavor, and unlike many of the Beast Tribes, this one’s all focused on crafters.

You will need to be at least a level 80 Disciple of the Hand class, and if you’ve got this and completed the pre-requisite quests, you will have access to a series of useful daily quests. While this content is not required for the Endwalker story, it’s an invaluable way to level up crafting classes and unlock cosmetics.

How to access the Loporrit Beast Tribe in Final Fantasy XIV

To unlock the Loporrit Beast Tribe in Final Fantasy XIV, you must at least complete the Endwalker story. You also have to complete specific quests, but none of them are challenging or especially time-consuming. You may have skipped one of these quests, particularly Dream a Little Dream. This quest is marked as a “Blue” quest, meaning it unlocks content.

At the end of this quest, long-time fans receive a bit of a treat. Players can hear the Loporrits “sing” a little chiptune sound. This is the sound the Namingway moon rabbits used to chat with the players in Final Fantasy IV.

This quest now leads players to the Loporrit Beast Tribe. Below are the specific requirements for unlocking the faction in Final Fantasy XIV. It takes a tiny time commitment, but it’s worth doing.

Requirements for Loporrit Beast Tribe

  • Level: 80 Disciple of the Hand
  • Main Scenario Quest completed: Endwalker
  • Side Quests completed: Name That Way through Dream a Little Dream questline
  • Starts with: Must Be Dreaming(Way), in Old Sharlayan (X: 11.7, Y: 10.9)

At the very least, players will probably have to complete the short Dream a Little Dream quest, which begins on the Moon (Mare Lamentorum – X: 14.9, Y: 9.3). It requires you to complete One Way or Another first. This is an easy quest. Plant carrot seeds, gather and place Water Crystals, get carrots, and speak to Knockingway. This quest takes at most 10 minutes in Final Fantasy XIV.

After this quest and a cutscene, you head to Old Sharlayan (X: 11.7, Y: 10.9) in Final Fantasy XIV. You must be in a Disciple of the Hand class to access this quest. It will task you with ultimately crafting an item for a new music station in Mare Lamentorum. It’s an incredibly simple task, and players must make three items and turn them in.

The game gives you the reagents needed, and you can interact with the nearby robot to get more, should you need it. Upon completion, you will unlock the Loporrit Daily Quests and the “Friendly” reputation with the bunny creatures.

Final Fantasy XIV players can complete three of these a day unless they rank up on the same day they complete a set of quests. Then, the player can do one more set of daily quests.

That’s all players need to know about unlocking the Loporrit Beast Tribe in FFXIV. There’s plenty of content for players to explore in the game, and if you’re leveling your crafters to level 90, this is not a bad way to supplement the exp daily.

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