FIFA 23 Eldor Shomurodov Moments SBC – How to complete, cheapest solutions, and more

FIFA 23 Eldor Shomurodov Moments SBC – How to complete, cheapest solutions, and more

The Eldor Shomurodov Moments SBC is now available in FIFA 23, and it comes during the last few days of the game. While players eagerly await EA FC 24 and all the new content, EA Sports has continued to release special cards in Ultimate Team as part of Objectives and SBCs. You can add this new card to your squad by completing the special challenge without the need to rely on luck.

All you need to do is complete the tasks according to their given stipulations before the SBC expires from Ultimate Team. The first task is to estimate the amount of coins you will need to get all the fodder. This will help you decide if you should complete the challenge in the first place.

The best way to predict the costs is by analyzing the Eldor Shomurodov Moments SBC in FIFA 23.

How to complete the Eldor Shomurodov Moments SBC in FIFA 23

The new SBC is simple, as there’s only one task. It has its own set of stipulations that you must match to unlock the special card. As the SBC won’t be available for long, you will need to be quick to complete the challenge.

Task – Eldor Shomurodov Moments SBC

  • Minimum Team Rating: 91
  • Minimum number of players: 11

The Eldor Shomurodov Moments SBC will cost around 100,000 FUT coins if you buy all the fodder from the market. However, you can reduce this amount by grinding different FIFA 23 game modes. Additionally, special pre-season SBCs and objectives also reward you with additional packs that will help you find the required fodder.

Tonight’s SBC will be available for the next few days as FIFA 23 Ultimate Team comes to an end. While the mode will be available, it won’t be receiving any fresh content, as all new additions will be made to EA FC 24. After completing tonight’s challenge, you will unlock a 98-rated ST item.

It has outstanding stats in all key areas and will be the perfect addition to any Serie-A-based squad. Moreover, the low costs make it ideal for beginners who might not have a lot of fodder and FUT coins.

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