Feral Interactive Announces Total War: WARHAMMER III for Linux

Despite the fact that native ports have not been successful for a couple of years now, Feral Interactive has announced the publication of the Linux version of Total War: WARHAMMER III, the latest installment in Total’s acclaimed line of strategy games. War in the Warhammer universe.

Total War: WARHAMMER III arrived  on Linux in version 1.2, so on paper some fixes should be applied to the Windows version. While the first two parts were well received by both the public and critics, the third was received much colder.

Users have complained that, compared to the previous installment, this is an incomplete and more repetitive game, while being poorly optimized and full of bugs. Consequence? Well, it only has a 57% positive rating on Steam compared to the much more positive ratings of the previous installments, especially the second one, which has an overall 93% positive rating.

Aside from the much tepid reception from Steam users, the Total War: WARHAMMER III port has another major drawback, namely the fact that it doesn’t support cross-play with Windows. This means that those who play online regularly will have to get the Windows version through Proton, since obviously there will be far fewer Linux players due to fewer users.

The lack of crossplay in a game whose online mode is quite popular is a very important shortcoming that is hard to forgive at the moment. Understandably, Dawn of War II didn’t offer cross-platform play since the original game came out in 2009 and the Linux and Mac ports were released in 2017, but with the port released four months after the Windows build, this is problematic. to justify and it subtracts a lot of value.

In short, Total War: WARHAMMER III is already available natively for Linux, but between the complaints about the game itself and the important drawback that the port drags, you might think more than once before buying it ..

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