Farming Simulator 22 – in the premiere trailer. The creators have prepared news for the fans.

Farming Simulator 22 is probably another successful game from Giants Software. Although we have nothing to expect a revolution, the creators were tempted to do something new.

If you are tired of all these shooting games and fights – maybe it is worth spending some time developing our farm?

Faming Simulator 22 in the premiere trailer

Farming Simulator is a series that guarantees a break from the stats chasing in other games, and is revolutionary in some ways. After all, its popularity has directly resulted in a boom of all kinds of “simulators”, including bizarre ones.

The final installment of this highly acclaimed franchise is more like a game that will delight fans and possibly interest a few new players, but it won’t bring much revolution. The creators swear that they have improved many mechanics, and also added one very important new feature.

The premiere of the game is scheduled for today – November 22, 2021. So players can start building and developing their own farm now, and we got a trailer for the occasion. In it, the narrator explains that he was a player too, but decided to play a farm simulator to take a break from other positions. It cannot be denied that this is probably one of the main reasons for the popularity of the cycle.

In the trailer, we can see almost everything that the players love the series for. In Farming Simulator 22 we will be able to build and care for a farm, look after pigs and manage forestry. In addition, nothing prevents friends from joining us. The real novelty is the introduction of a cycle of seasons, which can spoil our plans a little. The game was released on PC ( Steam and EGS ), XSX and XSS, XONE, PS4 and PS5.