Evo 2022: schedule, streaming list, format and more

Evo is one of the biggest events for the FGC and Evo 2022 promises to offer another great year of fighting tournaments. You can expect returning games, as well as new ones like MultiVersus, to dominate the web throughout the event. Those interested in watching Evo 2022 may be wondering what the full schedule is.

How to watch Evo 2022 – Complete Evo 2022 schedule

Evo 2022 runs from 5 to 7 August 2022. We have analyzed which games take place on which days, as well as at what stage and where to watch them. Here is the full Evo 2022 schedule.

Evo 2022 Day One: Full Schedule August 5th

Evo 2022 Day Two: Full Schedule (August 6)

Evo 2022 Day Three (Championship): Full schedule (August 7th)

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