This mod for the Witcher 3 dooms Geralt to eternal torment

After installing this modification, you will arrange a real hell for Geralt. The protagonist The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt says goodbye to possible death once and for all, although you will also significantly extend the life of your enemies.

The author of Stay Alive is a mod with the pseudonym crthdr. He had a great idea to change the behavior of Blaviken the Butcher’s health bar. In a situation where a player dies, he has 1 HP, and all opponents restore health up to 100%. This means that you will never die, although each fight can drag on indefinitely.

The advantage of this solution is the elimination of the many loading screens that appear after each death, once and for all. I have to admit that the mod manipulates the rules of the game in an unusual way and, in fact, completely changes them. Depending on the approach, this is either easier or more enjoyable entertainment.

You can download the Stay Alive mod here.