These are all performance improvements in Visual Studio 2022 17.4.

Visual Studio 2022 17.4 went live a couple of weeks ago. This is an important release because it contains. NET 7 and natively supports not only Windows x64 and Mac architectures, but also Arm64. It also has many other features such as fallback and multi-repository integration. Now , Microsoft has detailed all the major performance improvements in the latest version of its popular Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

First, find and replace in files is now 3-4 times faster compared to version 17.3. Microsoft says it achieved this through additional improvements such as asynchronous saving and maximum caching and indexing. The 95th percentile of the Microsoft test data has replace operations tied to 25 seconds in Visual Studio 2022 17.3, compared to 8 seconds in version 17.4.

In addition, indexing is now faster for C++ projects as well. You will notice a performance gain of 25-30% when populating the source code index on large C++ projects.

Similarly, the need to restart the solution when switching branches was reduced by 80%. And compared to Visual Studio 2019, which took 16 seconds to switch branches at the 95th percentile, Visual Studio 2022 17.4 takes about 10 seconds.

Meanwhile, the performance gain is due to the response of the configuration switch. NET is shown in the table below:

Improvements 17.3 (seconds) 17.4 (seconds) Growth
Inheritance Margin 51.1 26.6 47.90%
Mistakes 60.3 27.8 53.90%
CodeLens 128.3 38.2 70.20%
Background tasks 219.2 89.9 58.90%

Moving on to unit tests, Test Explorer should display tests in projects much faster. In Microsoft testing, performance doubled compared to the previous release when testing a solution with 150 projects and 300,000 tests. Similarly, test builds ran three times faster, and the tester’s process connections were established faster as well.

Finally, most save operations have been moved to a background thread to keep the IDE responsive and unaffected by the save process. Microsoft says this improvement will be most noticeable on slow hard drives, large projects, and network shares. If you have any feedback about Microsoft, you can share it with the company through a survey or through this portal .

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