This is the most realistic face in Unreal Engine 5. Is the real next generation at your fingertips?

Ziva Dynamics boasts an excellent tool for creating realistic facial muscles. The graphics were created in Unreal Engine 5.

LA Noire could have great facial expressions, but it doesn’t come close to what the new instrument offers.

Unreal Engine 5 with a terrifyingly realistic face

Ziva Dynamics is a company responsible for the development of character animation technology and various assets. They have collaborated not only with the great giants of the entertainment industry (film and video games), but also with various universities and research institutes.

However, now the company can talk about some kind of breakthrough. Or at least that’s how it looks when we look at a short video showing a face created in UE5. The difference between an actor and computer graphics is almost imperceptible here.

This is all actually a demo of the ZRT Face Trainer, a cloud-based machine learning tool. It makes it possible to create truly impressive muscle animations. The demonstration of the new tool was done thanks to UE5, but it is possible to use other engines. Interestingly, the ZRT is based on a library of over 15 TB of 4D face scan data and can generate up to 72,000 training forms and many other specific mines.

Of course, it will not be so easy to translate this into video games (especially for our cars), but perhaps in the coming years we will get closer and closer to this level.