This is Google’s Pixel Watch, their next step towards realizing their vision of surrounding computing.

Earlier today, Google unveiled a preview of its Google Pixel Watch at its I/O developer event. The company said it is creating ambient computer vision that will make its services available everywhere – in your home, on your phone, and on your wrist. Google is no stranger to watches, but with the Google Pixel Watch, it has built the inside and outside of the watch itself, putting watches on par with Pixel phones.

With the Google Pixel Watch, you’ll get Google’s new Wear OS paired with Fitbit’s health and fitness tools – as a reminder, Google acquired the watch firm in early 2021. The Pixel Watch features a round dome shape with a tactile crown and is made from environmentally friendly recycled stainless steel. It will also come with customizable straps for those looking to add some uniqueness to their watch.

The interface of the new Wear OS interface is similar to that of Fitbit. watch, there is a simple analog watch with a heartbeat counter at the bottom. While Google hasn’t shown it, it’s likely that there will be a way to change the watch face if you prefer a different watch style or different health data.

Google said it considers the Pixel Watch a “natural extension” of the Pixel family and that it will be available to customers in the fall. The company plans to share more details about the watch in the coming months.