This is called a surprise attack – a Ukrainian drone attacked a Russian transport BTR-82A

Russian armored personnel carrier BTR-82A

BTR-82A is a wheeled combat vehicle developed between 2009 and 2010 (the first units were transferred to the Russian troops in 2011). The vehicle replaced the worn-out BTR-80 model of the 1990s – it is equipped with a more powerful 30 mm 2A72 gun in combination with a 7.62 mm PKTM rifle. In addition, a more powerful engine, reinforced armor and an external communication system were used.

BTR-82A can be called a wheeled infantry fighting vehicle. The base crew is three people, but there can still be a landing force of seven soldiers inside. There are more than 2,000 such machines in the Russian Federation, and many of them are operated in Ukraine.

The Russian armored personnel carrier BTR-82A entered service with the Russian Federation in 2011. Currently, the army is equipped with more than 2,000 of these machines – many of them are fighting in Ukraine.

Ukrainian military destroy the transporter BTR-82A

A recording of the use of a drone against a BTR-82A transporter appeared on the network – the drone flew over the target, and then dropped the F1 grenade in a specially modified version with a contact fuse (you can even see the added ailerons in the recording to ensure the stability of the dropped load).


Effect? A careful surprise attack made it possible to damage the car (F1 is a fragmentation grenade, so it probably did not cause serious damage to the transporter, but, of course, greatly frightened the Russian soldiers).

Experts suggest that the use of a shaped charge should give a better effect, perhaps even completely destroy the car – such an attack was carried out, for example, by the Aerosurveillance unit using the R18 drone. The main picture shows a damaged BTR-82A during the fighting in 2014 in eastern Ukraine.

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