It will be a strategic pleasure – Men of War II is coming

(Expected) preview of Men of War II

Several years have passed (will you believe?) Since the premiere of “Men of War”. We’ve had several additions since then, but we still have to wait for a full sequel. Fortunately, the Best Way team soon announced that Men of War II will be released next year on PC and possibly in the Polish version (although this is still a topic that needs some work). 

The first Men of War received a warm welcome from both reviewers and players. All the more joyful are the reports that the sequel should be a return to these roots. Therefore, we expect a specific real-time strategy based on classic solutions, but also with several variations. 

What’s new in Men of War 2?

The most important of these improvements is the new Frontline mechanic , which is at the heart of the dynamic skirmishes in Men of War II. During battles, it will be more important to seize territories, entrench and strengthen troops. The direct view, in turn, allows you to focus on one specific subject at a time. Technology will play an even more important role, because we will have 45 battalions and more than 300 vehicles at our disposal .

As a storyline, Men of War II will offer two campaigns that can be played alone or in online collaboration (up to 5 people). We will try our hand on the Western and Eastern Fronts – taking control of the Allies breaking through France, or the Soviets defending their lands from the armies of the Third Reich. The game will also feature “the most advanced online mode” with a wide variety of maps and three forces to choose from – Allies, Soviets and Germany. 

An advanced physics system and the ability to completely destroy objects on the maps are designed to ensure the realism of the game. Accurately recreated locations and units will also be important . Cherry on the cake – Full support for player-made mods – the manufacturer will provide a dedicated toolkit for this. Okay, let’s finally see what this looks like …

Check out the official trailer for Men of War II: 

Source: 1C Entertainment, Dark Side of Gaming