Is there permanent death in The DioField Chronicle?

The DioField Chronicle is a strategy RPG that tells a story of risk, revenge and overcoming adversity. Whether you choose to play Normal or Hard Mode, you will soon realize that this game is not easy – so much so that it seems that every unit is always on the verge of death. So you might be wondering if death is a permanent feature in the game, such as the classic Fire Emblem mode.

Thankfully, there is no perpetual death in The DioField Chronicle. When units are disabled, they are temporarily out of combat. You can call another unit to rescue them. Once the active unit helps your downed unit to its feet, it is ready to fight again. There is no limit to how many times you can use The DioField Chronicle’s rescue mechanic. The quest will fail only when all units fall in combat.

If you think that Rescue makes the game too easy, we assure you that it is not. You can only control four units at a time, and losing one of them will hurt your success. Weapons and accessories are expensive to the point that you’ll get through a couple of battles without upgrading anyone’s gear. Things are consumable and equally expensive. The EP, or essence, that allows you to use skills is also extremely limited at higher difficulty levels.

Of course, if you can complete quests without taking out any of your units, you’ll get SP as a reward. SP can be used to improve skills through the skill tree. The skill tree can be accessed from the menu before the mission or next to the Institute in your base.

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