Epic Games takes over the producers of Rock Band and Fuser. They … help with Fortnite

Epic Games continued to make more purchases. This time, the Harmonix studio fell into the hands of a publisher, that is, the creator of one of the best series of music games in history.

Harmonics created, among others, the Rock Band and Dance Central brands, and his latest work is, in my opinion, a very successful Fuser.

The co-founder of the studio commented on its acquisition. Harmonix is ​​pleased with the move to Epic.

Harmonix has always strived to create the world’s most beloved interactive music experience, and we can do it on a large scale by partnering with Epic. Together, we will push creative boundaries and come up with new ways for our artists to create, perform and share music.

Harmonix co-founder Alex Rigopoulos said

An Epic spokesperson has confirmed that Harmonix will support Fortnite’s musical elements. It is possible that the studio will continue to develop its own games, but the mention of Fortnite in the announcement of the takeover of the studio may be a little alarming for fans of the team, who are counting on the soonest release of the next game Harmonix.

Music already brings millions of people together at Fortnite. From our emotions to concerts and world-class events. Together with the Harmonix team, we will transform the way musicians perceive music, moving from passive listeners to active participants.

– added Alan Taskan, vice president of game development at Epic Games.