Edge 101 is here with PWA hub and default profile improvements

On April 1, Microsoft Edge version 100 rolled out with simplified PDF preview features and memory integrity protection. As four weeks have passed since this release, Edge 101 has gone to the general public (GA) with several exciting features such as a Progressive Web Apps (PWA) hub and default profile switching improvements.

We took a closer look at the PWA Hub in February when it was being tested. In a nutshell, it works like the Applications button on the toolbar and gives you quick access to your PWAs. It will also encourage you to install apps as PWAs and then group your installed PWAs into categories that can be filtered and sorted. You can enable the Apps button in the Appearance section of Edge. However, Microsoft has indicated in its changelog that this feature will be rolled out in stages, we don’t have it on our devices yet.

Edge also has a new policy called EdgeDefaultProfileEnabled which allows you to set the default profile instead of opening the last used profile. Another handy feature will allow you to switch certificates on a website without leaving your browser.

For organizations that co-manage Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, shared cookies can be configured using the Enterprise Site List Manager. There is also a new policy that allows you to set a default state to allow installation of extensions from other stores.

Here is the full list of policy updates:

New Policies

  • ConfigureKeyboardShortcuts – Configure the list of commands for which keyboard shortcuts should be disabled.
  • ControlDefaultStateOfAllowExtensionFromOtherStoresSettingEnabled – Sets the default state of the “Allow extensions from other stores” option.
  • EdgeAssetDeliveryServiceEnabled – Allow functions to download assets from an asset delivery service.
  • EdgeDefaultProfileEnabled – default profile setting is enabled
  • InternetExplorerModeEnableSavePageAs – enable page saving in Internet Explorer mode.
  • KioskSwipeGesturesEnabled – Microsoft swipe gestures Edge kiosk mode enabled
  • MicrosoftOfficeMenuEnabled – Allow users to access the Office Menu
  • SiteSafetyServicesEnabled – Allow users to configure site security services.

Deprecated Policies

  • ForceCertificatePromptsOnMultipleMatches SettingEdge should automatically select a certificate when multiple certificates match for a site configured with “AutoSelectCertificateForUrls”.

Deprecated Policies

  • WebSQLInThirdPartyContextEnabled – Forces re-enabling WebSQL in third party contexts.

As always, there are security improvements. This release of Edge fixes two security vulnerabilities related to privilege escalation and spoofing, you can find more information here . You can manually trigger the update for version 101.0.1210.32 of Edge by clicking the three-dot menu in the top right corner of the browser window and then going to Help & Feedback > About Abou_1″ data-skimwords-id=”2151126″ data- skimwords-word=”Microsoft”>Microsoft”. Edge.

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