EA is looking for a buyer, could end up in the hands of Amazon, Disney or Apple

The purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft left no one indifferent and seems to have pushed EA to look for a buyer . Nothing seems to be closed yet, but the source says that the American company has already begun negotiations with several possible buyers, and among the names we saw were giants of the caliber of Disney, Amazon, Apple, and Comcast-NBCUniversal.

As we have said, nothing is final yet. EA is said to have made good headway in negotiations with Comcast-NBCUniversal but ended up not going through due to pricing and structure discrepancies as in theory the Comcast CEO was proposing a merger and wanted to have majority control, so open right now all options, and EA could end up in the hands of any of the first three companies we named, i.e. Apple, Amazon or Disney.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this information is not so much the fact that EA is looking for a buyer, but the persistence it has shown in this regard. This persistence will be motivated, as I pointed out at the beginning of the article, by the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. Perhaps EA sees the need for someone to buy it to improve its position and competitiveness after the completion of the acquisition of Microsoft.

Who could be more interested in buying advisors?

Of the three names we have on the table right now, I think Apple, especially because of what it could mean to have a giant like EA in their ranks to boost their services division, and Apple Arcade in particular, though I think that Amazon can also take on this real game, really.

If you’re wondering why Microsoft or Sony didn’t jump in to buy EA, the answer is pretty simple. The Redmond giant already has an open front with Activision Blizzard, and EA’s purchase could put it squarely in the crosshairs of mainstream free-competition regulators. Personally, I do not believe that in the current situation this operation can be crowned with success.

As for Sony, the Japanese company has fewer resources than Microsoft, and its value in terms of market capitalization is lower than EA’s, so it’s clear that it couldn’t afford the acquisition without resorting to complex pooling of funds. Personally, I think it’s more likely that Apple or Amazon will stay with the company if it persists in this interest in finding a buyer, although keep in mind that all doors (except Comcast-NBCUniversal) will be closed right now. open..

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