Dying Light 2 can take up surprisingly little space on your PS5

We will soon see Dying Light 2 in action again. In the meantime, information has appeared on the network that will delight players who value space on their disks.

The new Dying Light is expected to take just 21,099 GB on PS5, according to PlayStation Game Size . However, this is a size without prior upgrade, which can take several or even several gigabytes. Either way, Techland products will take up very little space on the PlayStation 5 disc.

By the way, it turned out that players with digital pre-order will be able to download the game before the premiere. Preloading will kick off on February 2, which is two days before Dying Light 2 debuts. We don’t know if we’ll be downloading the game equally quickly on PC and Xbox.

Interestingly, if this size does not change much, DL2 will take up a little more space than the first Dying Light. The first release of the series (without add-ons) consumed about ten gigabytes, which is also quite small.

Perhaps the small size of the DL2 on the PS5 is due to the Kraken compression system found on the Sony console. Thanks to this, some games take tens of gigabytes less on Sony hardware than on other platforms. However, we do not know the size of DL2 in other versions, so for now these are only guesses.