Dune: Spice Wars with a big update. What are the changes in the game?

Dune: Spice Wars is currently only playable in Early Access. As announced, the full version of the game will appear no earlier than 2023. According to the creators, early access allows you to keep the character accessible while remaining true to Frank Herbert’s best-selling novel. From a series of planned updates, new features arrived yesterday, including a multiplayer mode.

What does the update bring?

In the game, you can face each other in 2v2 duels and in free play for up to four players. Free slots are replenished with AI-controlled factions on the selected difficulty level.

But that’s not all. Gameplay can be customized to suit your preferences, such as setting storm activity, desert worms, map sizes, and victory conditions. Tech trees have also been changed. Added new events, regions and buildings for the Dungeon Headquarters.

The changes made can be seen in the new material:

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