Nvidia Windows 11 22H2 WDDM 3.1 GeForce 525.14 driver also leaked earlier

With the release of recent Windows 11 22H2 Insider builds, new GPU drivers from vendors such as AMD and Nvidia become available earlier. Earlier today, we reported on the AMD Windows 11 22H2 Driver Pre-release. The driver is based on Microsoft’s Next Generation Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) version 3.1, and early testing indicates that the driver will be a boon for gamers who play games and games that run on the OpenGL API as performance is greatly improved. expectation.

And right after that, the Nvidia GeForce driver for Windows 11 22H2 seems to have been leaked. The upcoming Nvidia driver version 525.14, like the earlier AMD Radeon driver, is also based on the latest WDDM v3.1. Although, as you might expect, the driver is currently in beta testing. Interestingly, Nvidia has already released the Windows 11 22H2 support driver for its Quadro series of GPUs.

Here is a screenshot of TechPowerUp GPU-Z with driver 525.14 provided by Guru3D forum member fards :

Nvidia GeForce 52514 Windows 11 22H2 Driver GPU-Z Screenshot

At this point, it’s hard to guess what we can expect from this driver other than Windows 11 22H2 support, as there are no official release notes for 525.14 yet. However, the people on the Guru3D forum who have installed the driver generally agree that this is a stable version.

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