Download TWRP 3.5.0 Recovery for Android Phones

Custom Recovery is a core requirement if you want to modify your Android phone. Although custom Recovery is not necessary for stuff like rooting, it makes the process easier. And when it comes to custom Recovery, everyone recalls the TWRP Recovery. The latest TWRP 3.5.0 Recovery is now available. Here you will get to download TWRP 3.5.0 for Android phones.

TWRP is the biggest custom Recovery project running for years. And its expansion is the Team Win Recovery Project. It is a popular recovery and unarguably the best custom recovery. It is used for different purposes especially for flashing custom ROMs.

Download TWRP 3.5.0 Recovery

The last TWRP 3.4.0 was released back in June 2020. And finally the new and enhanced TWRP 3.5.0 is available with support for Android 10 phones. It means you can get the official TWRP recovery for Android phones that run in Android 10 out of the box.

TWRP 3.5.0 Recovery – Changelog

Android 9

  • Fix building in android-5.1 trees – CaptainThrowback
  • New QTI Haptics Support – AndroidableDroid
  • New TSPDriver Haptics Support – LameMonster82
  • Selinux restore issues – AndroidableDroid
  • OEM build fixes – Fighter19
  • More file extension support in Gui file selector – Mauronofrio
  • FBE Fixes – CaptainThrowback
  • Ozip Decryption – Mauronofrio
  • Don’t use persist for recovery logs – bigbiff
  • Delay touch startup if necessary – bigbiff
  • Spanish translation Updates – R0rt1z2
  • Fix cache wiping on Slot A only devices – AndroidableDroid
  • Exclude dumpsys directory from backups – DarthJabba9
  • Gerrman translation Updates – 4ndyZ
  • HW Rotation during runtime (does not affect touch panel) – webgeek1234
  • API 24 fixes – AndroidableDroid
  • vold_decrypt error on unmount – CaptainThrowback
  • Multiuser – warn when users are not decrypted – noahajac
  • FDE encryption fixes – CaptainThrowback
  • Crypto state fixes – nebrassy
  • Chinese translation Updates – Whyle
  • Theme updates to match android-10 release: CaptainThrowback
  • Move TWRP App install to Advanced page – Dees_Troy
  • Update Russian Translation – f2065

Android 10

There have been so many changes to bring up Android-10. You can see the list of updates at Github

All the above Android-9 updates are included in these supported devices.

Download TWRP 3.5.0 Recovery

TWRP is a pretty useful tool for any Android user who wants to install custom ROMs, Magisk, Xposed Modules, create partitions, format devices, etc. However, the TWRP recovery is not available for devices that are not allowed to unlock the bootloader. But if your device bootloader can be easily unlocked then you will most probably find official or unofficial TWRP Recovery.

There is a bunch of modified TWRP Recovery available that let you experience all the features from the official TWRP Recovery. The latest TWRP 3.5.0 comes with many new features that add more value to the recovery. You can download TWRP 3.5.0 for your device following the given steps.

1. First visit the official TWRP website or use this link.

2. Then go to devices page and select brand > your device model if it is in the list.

3. Scroll down till download links and select any primary link.

4. Now you will get the list of available versions of TWRP Recovery for your device.

5. Select the latest TWRP 3.5.0 version and download it on your phone.

The latest TWRP 3.5.0 may not be available for some devices and can take some time to appear on the official website.

You can also get the ported TWRP 3.5.0 from our TWRP page or you can also get it from different forums.

The installation process varies as per the OEM, but the common process is using the fastboot commands. TWRP is an advanced recovery and always beneficial over the stock Recovery. But if you want to get TWRP, you need to unlock the bootloader of your phone.

So there you have it, the information about the TWRP 3.5.0 Recovery with download guide. In case if you have any queries, then let us know in the comment section.

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