Download SN Write Tool All Versions to Flash IMEI on Android Phones

SN Write Tool is small utility software for the Windows platform. It allows users to flash or write IMEI on Mobile phones with a MediaTek processor. It is one of the best tools to fix IMEI on MediaTek devices.

There are many instances when IMEI from phones gets deleted, and some of the features stop working like Network, Mobile internet, and other connectivity issues. And in these cases, some tools like SN Write Tool & Maui Meta Tool help us to get back our IMEI on phones.

MediaTek phones are popular especially in the budget range that covers most of the smartphone users. And if you have a MediaTek phone, then this is a useful tool guide for you. Here you get to download SN Write Tool for MediaTek phones.

What is SN Write Tool?

SN Write Tool is utility software for Windows OS, which you can use to flash and write IMEI on MediaTek phones. It can write IMEI on all MediaTek Smartphones and Tablets easily. The tool comes with many advanced features along with flashing IMEI that you can check in the next section.

SN Write Tool Features

Flash & Write IMEI:

The tool lets you flash and write single & multiple IMEI on MediaTek phones. It means you can write IMEI on the phone with a dual sim or even more.

Support MediaTek Phones:

SN Write Tool works for MediaTek Smartphones, Tablets, and Feature phones. So the feature is only restricted to MediaTek powered phones.

IMEI Lock:

The tool also has a feature that lets you flash or remove the IMEI Lock option in MediaTek phones or tablets.

Simple & Easy Tool:

SN Write Tool is a small software that has a very simple User Interface and allows users to understand its function easily.

Additional Tool Functions:

Along with flashing IMEI, it has many other options like flashing BT address, Mac Address, WiFi Address, Bar Code, and more.

Download SN Write Tool (Latest Version)

If you have a Smartphone or Tablet with a MediaTek processor, then the SN Write Tool is software that you need to have if something goes wrong with your phone IMEI. Sometimes during modification like rooting, installing Custom ROMs removes the original IMEI from the phone. But you don’t have to worry about anything as you can easily fix the IMEI issue using the SN Write Tool.

Supported Platforms:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

Download Links:

How to Use SN Write Tool to Flash IMEI

As you know, we can use SN Write Tool to flash IMEI, so make sure to check your IMEI. You can check your IMEI from the retail box of the phone, Google Android Device Manager, or any other way. I will advise you to use the original IMEI and not the fake IMEI as it is illegal. Let’s now head to the steps to use SN Write Tool to write IMEI on MediaTek phones.

  1. First, download the latest version of SN Write Tool & Stock ROM/Firmware for your phone.
  2. Extract the downloaded SN Write tool on PC. Also, extract the stock ROM and find MD1_DB & AP_DB files (remember the location).
  3. Open the extracted folder and then check for SN_setup.ini. If this file is not present, then rename the SN_Setup.ini.bak to SN_Setup.ini.
  4. Now double click on SN Writer.exe to run the SN Write Tool on your pc.
  5. In SN Write Tool main page, select USB VCOM in ComPort drop down option. SN Write Tool
  6. Now in the Target Type drop menu, select the device category that you have. Select Smartphone if you have an Android phone, and for tablet select Tablet and similarly select Feature phone for standard phones.
  7. Then click on System Config, which will open some options. Now select IMEI under Write option. And in the IMEI option, select dual, three, or four IMEI as per your device. Like for Dual sim select Dual IMEI. SN Write Tool
  8. Click on MD1_DB and load the file from the extracted Stock ROM folder. Similarly, load the AP_DB file.
  9. After all the above steps, click on Save.
  10. It will go back to the main tool page, click on the Start button. SN Write Tool
  11. Now enter IMEI numbers in the and click on OK. SN Write Tool
  12. Power off your MediaTek phone. If the battery is removal then remove the battery. And connect your phone to PC.
  13. It will start flashing the IMEI on your phone so make sure to wait for some time.
  14. And once it shows complete reboot your phone to the system and then you can see IMEI on your phone.

This is a simple process to write IMEI on MediaTek phones using SN Write Tool. You can follow similar steps for different functions like Mac address, Bluetooth address, WiFi address, and other functions.

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