Download Nokia USB Driver for Windows PC (2021)

Nokia is back in the Smartphone league after adopting the Android environment. Nokia phones run on stock Android OS, and they do not require a specific driver to connect to the PC. But when it comes to connecting with other software like PC Suite or Flash Tool, you need the correct set of Nokia drivers. Without drivers, Nokia tools will not be able to detect Nokia devices. And so we are here with the latest Nokia USB Driver for you to download.

Nokia USB Driver

Nokia phones are now very popular, especially in the mid-range budget, and also it is known for providing the latest Android updates to most of its phones. But in case if you do not receive updates on your phone, then you can manually flash Firmware, and here you will need a Nokia USB Driver.

USB Drivers plays an essential role in mobile phones, and it acts as a bridge between two devices. You can use the Nokia USB Driver to connect Nokia phones with computers for transferring files like Contacts, Media Files, Documents, backups, and more. It also helps users to flash Stock Firmware on Nokia phones using Nokia OST Tool. Basically, the Nokia USB Driver is a medium between Computer and Nokia phones. You can download the latest driver for your Nokia phone from the list in the download section.

Nokia USB Driver Features

Support All Nokia Phones – The driver supports all the Nokia phones listed in the above list. It allows connecting the Nokia phones with computers or laptops.

Transfer Files – Nokia USB Driver allows transferring files from Computer or laptop to Nokia phones. It will help to transfer data like contacts, media, documents, and more.

Detect Device on Flash Tool – Nokia Flash Tool requires Nokia USB Driver to detect Nokia devices so that users can flash Stock Firmware on their phones.

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Nokia USB Driver Download [Latest]

Device Download
Nokia 1 Nokia 1 USB Driver
Nokia 1 Plus Nokia 1 Plus USB Driver
Nokia 1.3 Nokia 1.3 USB Driver
Nokia 1.4 Nokia 1.4 USB Driver
Nokia 2 Nokia 2 USB Driver
Nokia 2.1 Nokia 2.1 USB Driver
Nokia 2.2 Nokia 2.2 USB Driver
Nokia 2.3 Nokia 2.3 USB Driver
Nokia 2.4 Nokia 2.4 USB Driver
Nokia 3 Nokia 3 USB Driver
Nokia 3.1 Nokia 3.1 USB Driver
Nokia 3.1 Plus Nokia 3.1 USB Driver
Nokia 3.2 Nokia 3.2 USB Driver
Nokia 3.4 Nokia 3.4 USB Driver
Nokia 4.2 Nokia 4.2 USB Driver
Nokia 5 Nokia 5 USB Driver
Nokia 5.1 Nokia 5.1 USB Driver
Nokia 5.1 Plus Nokia 5.1 Plus USB Driver
Nokia 5.3 Nokia 5.3 USB Driver
Nokia 5.4 Nokia 5.4 USB Driver
Nokia 6 Nokia 6 USB Driver
Nokia 6.1 Nokia 6.1 USB Driver
Nokia 6.1 Plus Nokia 6.1 Plus USB Driver
Nokia 6.2 Nokia 6.2 USB Driver
Nokia 7 Nokia 7 USB Driver
Nokia 7 Plus Nokia 7 Plus USB Driver
Nokia 7.1 Nokia 7.1 USB Driver
Nokia 7.1 Plus Nokia 7.1 Plus USB Driver
Nokia 7.2 Nokia 7.2 USB Driver
Nokia 8 Nokia 8 USB Driver
Nokia 8 Sirocco Nokia 8 Sirocco USB Driver
Nokia 8.1 (X7) Nokia 8.1 USB Driver
Nokia 8.1 Plus Nokia 8.1 Plus USB Driver
Nokia 8.3 5G Nokia 8.3 5G USB Driver
Nokia 9 PureView Nokia 9 PureView USB Driver
Nokia C01 Plus Nokia C01 Plus USB Driver
Nokia C1 Nokia C1 USB Driver
Nokia C1 Plus Nokia C1 Plus USB Driver
Nokia C2 Nokia C2 USB Driver
Nokia C3 Nokia C3 USB Driver
Nokia C5 Nokia C5 USB Driver
Nokia C10 Nokia C10 USB Driver
Nokia C20 Nokia C20 USB Driver
Nokia C20 Plus Nokia C20 Plus USB Driver
Nokia C30 Nokia C30 USB Driver
Nokia G10 Nokia G10 USB Driver
Nokia G20 Nokia G20 USB Driver
Nokia X10 Nokia X10 USB Driver
Nokia X20 Nokia X20 USB Driver
Nokia X71 Nokia X71 USB Driver
Nokia XR20 Nokia XR20 USB Driver

How to Install Nokia USB Driver on Windows

You can easily install the all-in-one Nokia USB Driver which is in the older version. But to install the latest version, the method is different. Latest Nokia USB Driver does not come with an executable file, which means you can not directly install the driver. Follow the installation procedure given below.

  1. Download the Nokia USB Driver on your computer. If already downloaded then transfer to your computer.
  2. Extract the downloaded Nokia USB Driver zip file. Remember the location of the extracted folder.
  3. Right-click on Windows icon and open Device Manager (for Windows 10). For other windows, you can search for Device Manager and open it.
  4. Make sure Device Manager is open in full Window. Click on Action > Add legacy hardware. If Add option is not appearing wait for 1 minute and again click on Action. Nokia USB Driver
  5. In the Add hardware wizard click on Next and choose “Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)” and click Next > Next. Download Nokia USB Driver
  6. In the next tab, click on Have Disk > Browse and locate the android_winusb.inf file (It will be in the extracted Nokia USB Driver folder). Nokia USB Driver
  7. Select the file and click Open.
  8. Then click Next and install the Nokia USB Driver. In few seconds it will be installed on your computer.

Now you can use all the Nokia tools which require Nokia USB Driver like the Nokia flash tool, PC Suite, or any other tool. Below we have included features of the Nokia USB Driver.

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If you have any queries in mind, check out the FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect Nokia phone to PC using usb cable?

To connect a Nokia phone to a PC you need to install Nokia USB Driver on the same pc to which you are connecting your Nokia phone.

How to install Nokia USB driver on computer?

You can install the Nokia USB driver by adding it as the legacy hardware. First open Device Manager on your computer then click on Action > Add legacy hardware and then select the android_winusb.inf file.

Do I need Nokia USB driver to root my Nokia phone?

Yes, you do need a Nokia USB driver to root your Nokia phone. Also you will need another driver called ADB & Fastboot drivers.

What is the use of Nokia USB driver?

Nokia USB Driver is used to connect Nokia phones to computers for various purposes like flashing Firmware, transferring files, and more.

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