Market share of Windows 11 on Steam fell for the first time

Valve has released the latest results from the Steam Hardware and Software Survey, revealing interesting facts about Microsoft’s latest operating system. For the first time since its public debut in October 2021, Windows 11 has lost a small portion of its customers on the leading PC gaming platform.

According to Valve, in July 2022, Windows 11 dropped from 21.23% to 21.12%, effectively losing 0.11 points. This is the first month that Windows 11 has not increased or even lost its market share on Steam.

However, users should not think that Windows 11 has reached critical mass or that the OS is doomed to failure. Participation in the monthly Steam polls is optional, so there is always room for error. Also, unlike Windows 10, Microsoft doesn’t force users to upgrade to Windows 11, so it’s natural to expect a slower upswing with occasional dips.

The upcoming Windows 11 22H2 update, which is rumored to release in September 2022, will bring many quality-of-life improvements and some gaming features. Expect the OS to become more popular as users upgrade to newer hardware or upgrade existing PCs.

Here are the most popular operating systems on Steam according to the latest hardware and software review:

Source: Steam

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