Long and supposedly epic. Netflix invites you to the finale of Stranger Things 4

Stranger Things 4 ending trailer

For some, the new season is the best. However, there are those who have a different opinion, if only because they see an excess of characters and threads, which means that some of them did not have enough time or ideas (or maybe both). Fan skirmishes have appeared since the premiere of the first part of the fourth season and will probably return soon.

The release of the second part of the fourth season is scheduled for July 1. The new trailer reminds of this, as well as the attractions prepared for the audience. In the background, of course, is Kate Bush, who, by the way, thanks to the use of the song Running Up That Hill in the series, not only appeared in the minds of today’s kids (and maybe not only them), but will also earn a lot by climbing to the top of the hit parades after many years.

Stranger Things 4. How long will the final episodes last?

The season has a total of nine episodes, seven of which became available at the end of May. So there are only two left, which at first may suggest a not too long session. But here it will be different.

This has been announced before, but it’s not worth mentioning now. The eighth and ninth episodes of Stranger Things 4 will run for 1 hour 25 minutes and 2 hours 20 minutes respectively. From the very beginning, the Duffer brothers have stated that this season will be the longest, toughest and best. Upcoming episodes should only confirm the latter. It will be hard, but we’ll see.

Source: Netflix

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