What are silver and gold bars used for in The DioField Chronicle

At the beginning of the first chapter, you could receive silver and gold bars as a reward for completing quests. However, The DioField Chronicle doesn’t really tell you what they are for or when they can be used. This guide aims to answer that question.

How to Use Silver and Gold Bars in The DioField Chronicle

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Silver and gold bars (known as Orichalcum and Electrum in the game) are used to unlock new weapons at the Institute. This is the same shop owner who manages the skill tree. The Weapon Development menu will be available in Chapter 2 after completing the Weapon Maintenance Value subquest. You can also immediately upgrade weapon development to rank two by shelling out 1500G.

Like a skill tree, weapon development separates upgrades by unit type.

Once unlocked, the special weapon will be available for purchase in the store. Later, you can buy orichalcum and electrum from them, and he was also upgraded to the fifth rank. A subtask for this will be available in the fifth chapter.

Which weapon to unlock first in The DioField Chronicle

Since Andrias and Valtakin are your main damage dealers, put your gold bars into daggers and staves first. Then unlock the Sword as the special weapon boosts defense. Special Bows also greatly increase Luck, making them the perfect weapon for Iscarion to make a deadly sniper.

But other than that, it’s perfectly fine to invest your resources in the weapons of the characters you use a lot!

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