Der8auer boosts i5-12400 to 5GHz on B660 motherboard

After demonstrating how to overclock desktop Alder Lake non-K processors on Z690 motherboards, Der8auer posted a new video, this time using a B660 motherboard to overclock an i5-12400 to 5GHz.

According to der8auer , only B660 motherboards with DDR5 memory support can be used to overclock BCLK. The overclocker used the ROG Strix B660-I and ROG Strix B660-F to show how users can overclock their locked 12th Gen Core processors.

On high-end Z690 boards, users must access “Tweaker’s Paradise” settings to overclock the processor, but things are a little different on B660 motherboards. Apart from XMP not working in the current BIOS, BCLK cannot be enabled via Tweaker’s Paradise. Instead, set “Ai Overclock Tuner” in “Ai Tweaker” to “Manual” and change the BCLK frequency to your choice. You will then need to adjust the CPU voltage depending on the overclock you are trying to achieve, as well as adjust the load line calibration and CPU current.

Considering that the XMP support for these motherboards seems to be somewhat buggy at the moment, you should also edit the RAM voltages, timings, speed, and any other configuration set by the XMP profile to make full use of the memory.

When overclocking the i5-12400 on an Asus ROG Strix B660-F motherboard, Der8auer achieved a stable overclock to 5.0GHz. That was enough to bring performance just below the Ryzen 7 5800X in the Cinebench R20 multi-core test, despite having two fewer cores. The temperature and power readings showed that during the test, the processor reached 93ºC at 117W using the Noctua D15 Chromax cooler.

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