DeepCool Launches AIO Premium LT Series!

DeepCool officially announces the release of two new “Premium” universal water cooling kits. Therefore, in the program we find the LT series, the kits are available in 360mm or 240mm. They are distinguished by the presence of a pumping unit with numerous illumination zones with the effect of infinite depth!

LT Series: Bundles Officially Introduced!

This time we find AIO LT720 and LT520, kits with 360mm and 240mm radiator respectively! However, they are distinguished by the presence of a well-designed pumping unit. The latter has multiple RGB lit areas with an infinite depth effect. Otherwise, we find a gray harness with the brand logo.

The radiator shows a design that looks neat. However, the main material remains aluminum, and the thickness remains standard: 27 mm.

On the ventilation side, we find two or three 120mm fans. They use a PWM power supply and will run from 500 to 2250 RPM. At full throttle it will blow a lot. Then the static pressure will reach 3.27 mm of water column, and the airflow will increase to 85.85 cubic feet per minute!

Socket compatibility is exemplary as we find sTRX4/sTR4 compatibility as well as AM4 and AM5 compatibility in AMD. As for Intel, the list is also full of LGA-2000 and more mainstream platforms based on LGA-1700, LGA-1200 and LGA-115x.

For its part, the official prices are 124.99 euros for the 240mm LT520. 360mm, LT720 sells for €144.99. Please note that all of these kits come with a 5 year warranty!

DeepCool technical sheets here and there !

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