Release date and new trailer for Sons of the Forest. It couldn’t be more creepy

Sons of the Forest is a sequel to the award-winning 2014 production of The Forest. Finally, the developers showed another trailer and confirmed the release date.

Of course, “creepy” and “disgusting” are two words that have appeared on the mood boards of designers.

Sons of the Forest will receive a new trailer with a release date

SotF promises to be truly fantastic. The 2014 Forest itself turned out to be an extremely successful marriage between survival horror and survival itself. We again have to face a mysterious island with terrifying cannibals, but this time we can count on a slightly more interesting arsenal.

The new trailer for the game can be found below. One thing, admittedly, is creepy. The cannibals themselves are pretty scary (ah, those walls are moving!), And their “mutant” versions can be dreamed of by someone at night. All these abominations, of course, will just wait for us to turn around to sink their teeth into our head. However, it must be admitted that some monsters are really inventive. Fortunately, this time around, players will have a slightly more solid arsenal. And it’s not just about the weapons, but the tools, materials, and building plans that will help us get through every night. Of course, we can try to survive again with a group of friends.

At the same time, the official release date of the products became known. This is scheduled for May 20, 2022. We hope that nothing will be in the way of the developers and we will be testing their latest game in a few months.