Recently, there has been a remarkable increase in the use of decentralized applications based on blockchain games, managing to activate a more significant number of users; this allows evaluation of how the impact of the blockchain ecosystem is positioning itself worldwide.

70% of the wallets created through the games based on the Blockchain increased notably in the last month; among the blockchain games that have had an increase, Solitaire stands out, Blitz, Benji Bananas, Alien Worlds Splinterlands, Arc8 by GAMEE farmers World.

This impulse is due to the constant search for people to obtain additional income. Through the dApp Games, they allow their users to earn cryptocurrencies without having to invest in them through a mobile device. Sign up to the official site to learn more.

Metaverse and blockchain games

More than 1,000 million dollars is generated by blockchain and metaverse games, where, despite the global economic and financial outlook, they have shown more excellent positioning.

Although the cryptocurrency market is going through one of the most marked crypto winters, the gaming industry and Web3 continue to evolve in adoption and the number of resources invested in these technologies, which amount to million-dollar investments.

The construction of the Metaverse is perhaps one of the most vulnerable issues during 2022, where large technology companies are allocating their capital and engineering resources to create virtual worlds that will attract users.

The global investment by the end of 2022 is estimated an amount equivalent to 9,000 million dollars. Consequently, the gaming industry has demonstrated the ability to multiply the acquisition of technology companies, where the profitability is distributed between users and content creators.

We are facing the economy from the digital perspective, where technological advances allow the digitalization of finances to give way to the avant-garde metaverse where the future is near. For example, the economy could be based on NFTs and crypto assets.

Wallets in the gaming sector increased by more than 8%

How dApps interact is through the Smart Contracts of games, this gaming industry is the main base of the activities of the Blockchain; to generate profitability, you must enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem, which is where the opening of wallets is essential.

The management of cryptocurrencies as a means of reward is essential. The project that has received the most use is Solana (SOL), which has reached more than 250% of active wallets.

The growth of decentralized applications, specifically games based on blockchain technology, has proven to be the new long-term investment alternative since the rewards are granted in crypto and gamers prefer to store, an investment strategy that can be applied from an entertainment perspective.

The increase is due to the publication that the NFT boom and its negotiations are drastically declining, decreasing by more than 90%, which ultimately causes many to emigrate in the face of the resounding fall.

Crypto Market Resilience in Downtrend

The digital financial market has had quite an admirable behavior, where despite the external inconveniences that in one way or another have drastically impacted the crypto-active market, it has been resilient to tolerate, overcome critical moments and stay on its feet.

The expectations regarding the new announcements from the Federal Reserve regarding inflation in the United States and its possible impact on cryptocurrencies and the traditional financial market had an inverse effect.

Bitcoin and several currencies of the digital financial market, instead of collapsing, had an opposite behavior where many prices went up.

Although the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has been declining since the beginning of the year, fighting hard to maintain market capitalization and its position among cryptocurrencies shows that this type of financial instrument will not give up.

These types of impulses after the regulatory measures of the traditional market indicate that the price levels digital assets have reached could be their minimum or floor to create the necessary support for a change in trend that will surely benefit many.


Among thousands of arguments, blockchain technology has managed to handle the different scenarios in which it has been involved, demonstrating the usefulness and benefits that this platform offers for generating income regardless of the strategy implemented, that is, by direct investment or for rewards in Metaverse games.

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