Crypto Traders Bullish on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and Two Altcoins: Digital Asset Survey

A new survey is offering a glimpse at which crypto assets traders are most bullish on as the market bounces off its lows.

The survey, which is designed to track the overall sentiment among crypto investors on Real Vision and Twitter, allows participants to scan 30 tokens and choose if they want to have an overweight or underweight allocation for each one.


The results show traders prefer a portfolio that’s overweight Ethereum (ETH), followed by Bitcoin (BTC).

The smart contract blockchain Cardano, Ethereum-scaling solution Polygon (MATIC), and smart contract platform Solana (SOL) are tied for third.


Source: Real Vision Bot

The survey is conducted by Real Vision Bot, which was created by two independent developers and boosted by Real Vision founder Raoul Pal.

Real Vision Bot clarifies that the participants are not necessarily holding the cryptocurrencies that they are voting on.

“They can of course vote according to their own positions, but also just based on their sentiment or forward looking. There are many reasons why the own book might not be 1:1 the preferred allocation.”


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