Crave TV Channels, Supported Devices and Plans – Complete List

In this article, you can learn about Crave TV channel list, shows and plans.

Crave is a Canadian streaming service that allows you to watch a large number of movies and series. Owned by Bell Media, Crave is a great way for Canadians in general to stream and watch a wide variety of HBO shows and movies. If you’re new to what Crave is, you can read all about the Canadian streaming service Crave.

Thirst for TV Plans

Crave has different plans depending on the device you use Crave to stream on. Do you only use your mobile device to view content? Choose the Crave mobile plan. Want to watch Crave on TV and PC? You can choose the Crave Total plan.

Thirst for Mobile Plans

You can choose from two Crave mobile plans. The Crave Mobile monthly plan will set you back $9.99 per month. The annual Crave Mobile plan will set you back $99.99. While you can enjoy everything from the Crave library, you can only stream in your web browser and only on mobile devices. The video resolution is set to good and you will not be able to stream to other devices or download shows for offline viewing and you can only stream on one screen at a time.

Thirst for complete plans

Like Crave’s mobile plans, Crave Total also has two plans to choose from. The Crave Total monthly plan will cost you CAD 19.99 and the annual plan will cost you CAD 149.99 for the first year and then increase to CAD 199.99 for the second year.

With Crave Total, you can stream your shows and movies on any device, get the best video resolution available, and even unlock the ability to stream to any screen. In fact, you will be able to download shows when you want to watch them offline, as well as stream four different screens at the same time.

Supported Crave TV devices

Now that you know what Crave’s plans are, it’s time to look at which devices you can stream Crave to. Here is a list of these devices

List of Crave TV channels

In addition to movies and series that cover a large number of genres. There are also a number of live TV channels where you watch your movies and shows. You can also see what will be streaming throughout the day thanks to the online TV schedule that you can watch on their website.

That’s all you need to know about Crave. Of course, Crave’s live channel list is quite small compared to the large number of other streaming services that have live channels. However, since you can watch original HBO Max shows on Crave, Crave seems like a decent streaming service.

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