What is Minecraft Adventure Mode – Explained!

Minecraft has had its fair share of conspiracies and secrets over the years. But a secret feature that most players still don’t know about is Minecraft’s ultimate adventure mode. It defies everything Minecraft stands for. You cannot craft, place, build, or freely explore in this mode, and if you don’t have the perfect seed with the perfect skills, you won’t be able to beat it. Although, as a Minecraft player, winning the game isn’t your top priority anyway. So, with that in mind, the Minecraft Adventure mode has a lot to offer. But how it differs from survival mode, and how you can get the most out of it, there’s a lot to be revealed. So let’s not waste a second and find out everything about adventure mode in Minecraft.

Minecraft Adventure Mode: Everything You Need to Know (2022)

Since 2022, Minecraft has offered Survival, Creative, Hardcore, Spectator, and Adventure modes. In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at the popular Adventure Mode, which is available in almost all editions of Minecraft and changes the basic functioning of the game. So yes, keep in mind that this game mode is made to make the most of custom maps, and using it in random worlds created with the best Minecraft seeds might not be the best solution. Keep reading to find out how.

What is Minecraft Adventure Mode?

Simply put, Adventure Mode is a game mode in Minecraft that allows players to create their own maps or play maps designed by others with a story-driven and missionary aspect. In the standard Minecraft experience, there are no quests and no freedom to break and use any block. However, this does not apply to Adventure Mode. You can only break some blocks and they require special tools, while other blocks cannot be broken in this game mode.

From a technical point of view, this mode limits the player’s options in the same way as Survival Mode . You can only destroy blocks with the “CanDestroy” NBT tag. These are data tags assigned to objects, blocks and tools with their properties. So, gone are the days when you could break tree trunks with your bare hands. Similarly, you will need the “CanPlaceOn” NBT tag when placing blocks in order for objects to be placed in the world.

Then there is the question of crafting. Luckily, even with the tougher destruction system, you can still craft things like you normally would in adventure mode. Later in this article, we’ll cover how Adventure Mode actually differs from other game modes. For now, mob attacks, trading with villagers, and Redstone on/off mechanisms will work just like normal Minecraft.
Because Adventure Mode is typically played on custom maps, restrictions on block breaking or block placement make it impossible for the player to destroy the map with player actions. However, those using the Minecraft Bedrock version and not the Java version can change this by enabling the “world builder” ability set. We wouldn’t recommend doing this because it could mess up the entire intended gameplay experience.

What is the purpose of adventure mode?

First, Minecraft is one of the most effective video games of all time today. Secondly, it competes with games of all genres. Now, to compete with such a diverse audience, Adventure Mode seemed like the only solution. It strips away the standard worldbuilding and exploration features to challenge players in somewhat unusual situations. From fighting zombies to escaping prison, there’s an endless array of options for adventure if you keep an open mind.

Unlike regular Minecraft, you spawn in a specific location in Adventure Mode and must complete specific tasks to progress further on your journey. Yes, since this is Minecraft, you can always stay and not complete missions. But the ability to play in a unique mission-based system makes this mode popular among gamers.

How to Enable Adventure Mode in Minecraft

Before we continue to make more announcements about this game mode, it’s time for you to experience Adventure Mode for yourself first. So, open the Minecraft game and follow these steps:

1. On the main screen, select the “Single Player” option . You can also use Adventure Mode in multiplayer, but we’re sticking with offline gameplay for this guide.

2. Now Minecraft does not allow you to create an adventure world by default. You must enable it in the game, for which we need to enable cheats. First, we will create a cheat-enabled world. So, select the ” Create a new world ” option.

3. Then you can leave the rest of the settings as you wish, but don’t forget to click “Allow Cheats ” to enable it . Once you’ve done that, you can click ” Create New World ” to create a cheat-enabled Minecraft world.

4. For those using the existing world, there is another way to enable cheats. Press the ESC key or the pause key and select the Open on LAN option. Then turn on the “Allow cheats” option by clicking on it.

5. Now that you have enabled cheats in the existing or new world, it’s time to change the game mode in Minecraft. To enable adventure mode, open the chat option . PC users can access it by pressing the “/” key . Console users will have a dedicated icon or button to open chat options. In the chat window, type ” /gamemode adventure ” and press Enter or the action key.

In some versions of the game, you may need to type “/ gamemode a ” or ” /gamemode 2 ” if the original command doesn’t work. And that’s almost all. You have successfully enabled Adventure Mode in Minecraft.

The difference between Minecraft game modes

Now you have the opportunity to test the adventure mode in this sandbox game. But as you can see when you switch, Minecraft offers a lot of game modes. This leads to the obvious question for many of you – what is the difference between Adventure Mode, Survival Mode and Hardcore Mode in Minecraft. Well, here’s how all Minecraft game modes differ from each other:

creative Survival Adventure Viewer hardcore
Unlimited mining and crafting Regular mining and crafting Very limited mining and crafting No mining or crafting Regular mining and crafting
Unlimited health and food Regular health and food bars Regular health and food bars Unlimited health and food Regular health and food bars + experience bar
Mobs don’t attack but can be killed Regular mob spawns and fights Usually custom mobs and spawning I can’t interact with mobs at all. Regular mob spawns and fights, but no player respawn.

Four Tips for Surviving Minecraft Adventure Mode

If you’ve never played Minecraft’s Adventure Mode before, it can be a little difficult to adapt to it. Luckily, we have some tips to help you get started. Follow these to improve your chances of survival in Adventure Mode:

Read the instructions

You will most likely be using the adventure mode on custom maps. On such maps, the creators leave a lot of instructions and tips. Because Minecraft can’t have specific cutscenes or side characters, relying on reading material is a big part of survival. Using the manuals that come with these custom cards can also be helpful.

Find villages for resources

Filled with food, crates, and friendly merchants, villages are a haven for adventure mode players. If you’re lucky, you’ll also find an iron golem that will protect you during your journey. As for players playing on a randomly generated map, be sure to find a village before turning on adventure mode. One of your best friends will be the Minecraft workbench in this game mode. So, try not to settle for a village without a crafting house if possible.

Get enough sleep to avoid mobs

If you don’t have to go outside at night to complete tasks, the next best thing after finding a village is to sleep. You can continue your difficult explorations when there are fewer hostile mobs around during the daytime. Most villagers have a bed ready for use in their homes, which can be accessed by right-clicking on it.

Collect items and make a base

A key part of survival in adventure mode is the resources you collect. Be it tools, blocks or food, everything you need and scarce. Therefore, to make the most of them, you need to set up a fixed location with chests to store all your collected resources. Hopefully with a village nearby and a good place to sleep it will be easy enough.

Best Custom Maps for Minecraft Adventure Mode

Now that you know what to expect from Adventure Mode and how to enable it, it’s time to start playing. As I’ve mentioned several times before, the best way to make the most of Minecraft’s adventure mode is to use custom maps. So, it would be fair to list some of the best Minecraft adventure maps.

1. Mystery of Herobrine

Official Screenshot This includes a series of cards revolving around the story of Herobrine . There are several plot twists, boss battles, and explorable construction. You can download chapter 1 of the series here. The map is made for one player, but you can play it with up to three people.

2. Mystery on the island of the Unknown

One of the most unique adventure mode maps, Mysteria, starts with a random island where a mysterious voice will accompany you on your journey. It mentions hidden abilities and mysteries that players can explore on the island. For beginners, the map can be a little confusing, but once you get the hang of it, you can expect a lot from it. You can download the Mysteria on Island Unknown custom map right here .

3. Restoring Terra 2

Official screenshot

This massive map is one of the most popular adventure mode maps of all time in Minecraft. You can travel with the Enderman in an attempt to restore Nira’s peace. The map gives you a lot of freedom in how you can interact with it, and the storyline is pretty interesting too. If nothing else suits you, Terra Restore has a variety of animals and monsters for you to interact with. If this sounds in your lane, download this custom map right here.

Start playing Minecraft Adventure Mode

Now that everything has been explained in detail, you are more than ready to start exploring Minecraft’s adventure mode. Download some of the best custom maps, maybe invite a few friends and start playing for your life. For those who don’t have RTX in Minecraft Bedrock, you can try installing Optifine in Minecraft to improve performance and get the most out of your experience. Now don’t wait a minute and start your new adventures in Minecraft right now.