What are rare species and special species in Monster Hunter?

At the Capcom Showcase on June 13, the inclusion of rare and special species in future updates was confirmed. For the first time in the Monster Hunter games of the fifth generation (Gen 5), special and rare species appeared. But what are rare species and special species? Here is the explanation.

What are the differences between Rare, Special, Subspecies and Deviants in Monster Hunter?

The monsters you face in Monster Hunter are not the same. Some of them are normal monsters that you fight and collect parts, but some monsters change due to the environment they are forced to live in and turn into a different species.

Monsters of rare species

Rare species have been a staple in the Monster Hunter games since the very first PlayStation 2 game. These monsters are essentially an alternate form of the monster that is much rarer than the subspecies. For example, Rathalos is the base monster, Azure Rathalos is a subspecies (which is easily huntable), and Silver Rathalos is a Rare species. Rare species have existed in the game since the 1st generation, but only appeared on a limited basis, such as Gold Rathian, Lucent Nargacuga and Molten Tigrex.

Monsters of a special kind

In previous games, Special Species are rare monsters that are usually created with ads. These include Evangelion-style Unit-01 Brachydios and Attack on Titan-style Aberrant Deviljho from Monster Hunter Explore. It is unknown if the special species in Monster Hunter Rise will be similar to this or if they will be more like subspecies.

What are monster subspecies?

Monster subspecies are alternate monster forms with different colors or more aggressive attack patterns. They appeared in the 5th generation games, and monsters such as Pink Rathian and Black Diablos appeared in several entries. 

What are Variant Monsters?

Variant monsters are similar to subspecies, but are often almost or completely indistinguishable except for their attacks and levels of aggression. Monsters such as Furious Rajang and Savage Deviljho fall into this category.

What are deviant monsters?

Deviant monsters are similar to variant monsters and have only appeared in Monster Hunter Generations and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. These monsters are larger, more aggressive, more dangerous and are only available to hunters with special permissions. They are meant to represent monsters that have endured great hardship or survived extreme conditions, turning what was an ordinary monster into a dangerous adaptation. Examples are Tigrex with the claws of the beast and Terrible ratalos.

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