What will happen next with the increase in FPS on the Xbox Series? The company has no good news

The Xbox Series backward compatibility game library has expanded significantly recently. Some of them have received FPS Boost support and it looks like the last update of this curiosity will be over for now.

Jason Ronald from Xbox talked about some of the challenges you can face when developing games for FPS Boost. There were times when almost the entire game worked according to plan, but in the end something went wrong.

We’re always looking for new ways to improve titles, whether it’s upscaling, improving frame rates, or things like Auto HDR. Now let me say that with the existing technique that we have in FPS Boost, we tried a lot (games – ed.), And in some cases the vast majority of games work fine, but then we find a bug that breaks the gameplay at 80 % transition.

– said Project Managmant Xbox director Jason Ronald on the Iron Lords podcast .

So, Microsoft faced a definite limitation in expanding its game catalog with FPS Boost. Jason Ronald confirmed that we will no longer see titles supporting the useful feature at this time.

We will continue to look for new opportunities and new ways to improve titles, but we have nothing for the foreseeable future. .. At this point I think we are just exploring the limitations of our current technique.

– he summed up

However, it is possible that there will be more games with FPS Boost support for the Xbox series in the future. Microsoft will probably keep trying to fix the issues, but I wouldn’t be ready to see older games with increased maximum frames per second on the latest hardware from the Redmond giant.