Spider-Man by Insomniac and Crystal Dynamics in comparison. The same character, but many differences

The Spider-Man character will travel to Marvel’s Avengers. So how does his animation and looks compare to Insomniac’s Marvel Spider-Man? Good…

It’s not colorful. I would say that he is even gray-brown, but this is probably just the style of play.

Spiderman vs spiderman

We recently wrote about the extinctions that Spider-Man did with Marvel’s Avengers. Crystal Dynamics has decided to add another character to its ambiguous name, long promised to owners of PS5 and PS4. It may be the same hero, but compared to the game from Insomniac Games, it looks pale.

However, remember that Marvel’s Avengers is an online multiplayer game that focuses on similar but different gameplay mechanics. Therefore, you can not count on the smooth quality of acrobatics and collisions directly from the game from Insomniac. Nevertheless, even a cursory glance at the hero’s model is a bit astonishing.

By comparing the video below, we can check out the action of Spider-Man from the upcoming Avengers DLC and from the previously released game from Insomniac. The second studio was much simpler because their position is one superhero and the whole gameplay is exclusively focused on him.

It’s a shame the Crystal Dynamics DLC is so numb. “Spider” from “The Avengers” seems much less “pliable”, its movements are not so smooth, and acrobatic stunts – clumsy. Fans are also worried about the quality of this expansion because it won’t have any story missions. The plot does exist, but to open it you need to listen to audiologists and watch illustrated cut-scenes.