Innosilicon’s upcoming GPU lineup will feature ray tracing and more

Innosilicon, a local GPU manufacturer in China, recently unveiled its entry-level low power architecture Fantasy 2 GPUs. However, it looks like the firm has also completed development of its next generation Fantasy 3 GPU.

The Innosilicon Fantasy 2 GPU will be one of the latest additions to their lineup. All modern devices, including PCs, laptops, and AI computing, can use the Fantasy 2 GPU. The company said it had already completed the research and development of its Fantasy 3 GPUs during a press conference held after the launch of the Fantasy 2 GPU. The higher end choice and ray tracing capabilities of the Fantasy 3 GPUs will be one of the main selling factors.

Fantasy 1 from Innosilicon was highly anticipated by Chinese consumers | Image: Innosilicon

According to the sources, Chinese customers will get something that powers the same technology their business created about 4-5 years after the first ray-traced consumer graphics cards hit the market. Innosilicon also intends to release a full line of high-end products, as well as special low-power versions, as ray tracing is a particularly demanding feature for GPUs.

In addition, Innosilicon intends to deploy its first 5nm optical tracking technology by 2022. It also looks like the business is looking to sell Fantasy GPUs internationally and not just want them to be available to Chinese consumers.

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