The original Fallout 3 from Black Isle will be built. Van Buren comes back to life

One of the fans decided to bring Van Buren back to life. It was actually Fallout 3, but it was created by Black Isle and was canceled when it was nearly finished.

One of the fans has ambitious plans, but it takes time to implement them.

Fallout 3 as it was originally intended

Fallout fans are probably aware of one of the biggest disappointments in the history of the PC entertainment industry. The Black Isle studio responsible for the original series also worked on Fallout 3, called Van Buren. However, the project died and the studio fell apart. Sure, Bethesda has taken a really successful position after taking over the brand, but the veterans of the series can’t come to terms with the loss of isometric RPG in the vein of old-school productions.

Unsurprisingly, the release of white papers and new gameplay snippets from the prototype broke our hearts even more. One of the fans decided to do something about it and decided to revive Van Buren on his own. His project is gradually acquiring more and more distinct outlines, but we are still far from the premiere. The game will be available for free as a kind of love letter to the players.

Developer Adam Lacko has been working on his own Project Van Buren since 2017. Although he is responsible for most of its development, he consulted with the original Black Isle staff. Its goal is to accurately reflect the game in the form in which the developers would like to see it. No compromises and unnecessary “amenities” – getting ready for the early 2000s in their initial release. It’s interesting how old-school mechanics can handle the thaw in isometric turn-based RPGs. Interestingly, this is not the only item that “comes back from the grave.” Other developers tinker with the canceled position from the Dune universe.