Will Gandalf be in MultiVersus?

MultiVersus features a variety of characters originating from various Warner Bros. franchises. This includes Looney Toons, DC, Scooby Doo and many more. One franchise that fans are keen to include is The Lord of the Rings and the iconic wizard Gandalf. This might make you wonder if Gandalf is going to be in

Gandalf in MultiVersus?

Gandalf was originally revealed via a leak , which confirmed that he would be added as a fighter in MultiVersus. While this is a leak, the supporting evidence from various screenshots points to some truth. This can be further proven as the leaked images have since been removed and in-game links to future characters removed from MultiVersus.

However, things are not going so well for the friendly wizard. Redditor JPMB5555 reported that Gandalf’s leaked voice lines have been removed from the game. Further discussion on Reddit via SodiumChloride1721 indicates that Tolkien Estate is making adding Gandalf more difficult than expected. This can lead to the complete abandonment of a popular character.

Unfortunately, due to leaks and ongoing issues with Gandalf and possible interference from Tolkien Manor, it’s impossible to say if he will be added to MultiVersus. However, fans are desperate for Gandalf to be added and have made their request for characters like him, Walter White and others very obvious.

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