Sidebars for PS5 from PlayStation? This is becoming more and more possible.

It’s possible that Sony is gearing up to release its own PS5 side panels. The company’s new patent has sparked rumors among Internet users.

A patent has just been published on the USPTO website that features removable side panels for the PlayStation 5. While the document does not mention selling custom panels or different color options, it has strongly sparked the imagination of gamers.

It is possible that Sony in the near future will decide to release its own panels for the PS5 or transfer them to third parties. It would make sense because the plastic covers on the sides of the console are easy to remove and install. Not everyone will like the white color of the console, and the possibility of purchasing other color options for the panels would delight many players. However, we have yet to wait for possible confirmation of these doubts.

Let me remind you that third-party companies tried to sell their own panels for the PS5. A particularly interesting case is Dbrad, who openly ridiculed Sony and urged the company to file a lawsuit. Ultimately, the unofficial manufacturer had to change the design of the proposed replacements to one that has almost nothing to do with the original appearance of the rubbers. There are still several such cases, although Sony has consistently ruled out them.